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The Power of Communication in Medical Equipment

We live in the age of technology, in the age of data production and analysis, and while numbers, metrics, and indicators play a huge role in our society and businesses, the reason why we measure may not always be defined, most importantly, the technology and method we use to measure such data is one of the most important criteria to measure.

Medical Equipment is used to provide diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation to patients in all over the world. Its functions help us gain a better understanding of a patient’s health condition, and how to help in its improvement. Most of medical equipment, specially those dedicated to diagnostics, help us gather information about the patient, in other words, they help us measure vital signs to determine how healthy or ill a patient is, but how can we keep track of this information, specially, if we are the patient?

One of the greatest advancements in our time has been the ability to communicate in a faster and more efficient way, and this hasn’t been the exception in medical equipment; the use of Bluetooth, WiFi, RFID, and other wireless technology standards have opened a new door when it comes to data analysis.

CSE Medical’s ECG-Expert is a piece of technology that caught our eye regarding this topic, mainly because of its capability of transmitting data from the patient to an independent device such as a tablet pc, cellphone or computer. By using Bluetooth technology, this ECG can allow healthcare professionals and patients have a better tracking and understanding of the patient’s health condition by wirelessly measuring vital signs and synchronizing with an electronic health record. ECG-Expert has proven to be a carry-on solution for medical practitioners that helps them not only measure once, but constantly through data storage and processing.

While some professionals might think that exporting health data can be a huge risk, wireless technology in medical has been proven to be an excellent communication standard promoted by the FDA ( that provides benefits such as increasing patient mobility, remote programming, and remote access to patient data regardless the location of both patients and healthcare professionals. These can greatly help patient outcome by allowing remote data analysis, threshold setting adjustment, and most importantly, detection of vital sign variation before serious consequences can occur.

Bluetooth in medical devices is a Radio Frequency (RF) wireless standard that can be used in monitoring, transferring, and controlling a medical equipment. Living in a data-driven world, we strongly consider RF standards to be of great use, specially because of the patient-medical professionals ration in most of the country.  Technology like CSE Medical’s ECG-Expert can greatly benefit professionals by not only allowing them to wirelessly access patient information, but also in storing it and allowing trend analysis. 

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Techmedica is a Mexican company that offers clinical engineering outsourcing services and quality products including ECG-Expert. They are based in Guadalajara, Mexico and aim to provide products and services that can help healthcare institutions improve their services in Latin American countries. We'd like to thank them for letting us evaluate their technology and we encourage you to access their website for more valuable information about their value proposition.