14 Mar


VII Master Class "Neuropsychiatric Treatments" by Actipulse

Event type: Courses

Guadalajara, Mexico                            March 14th, 2019

Neurological and psychiatric diseases represent a high load in the quality of life of patients that suffer this misfortune. Today, pharmacologic treatments are mainly used, but there exist other ways and techniques of neuro-modulation that can drastically modify a patient’s current condition. Our VII Master Class entitled Innovation in Neuropsychiatric treatments: Neuro-modulation applications, will asses a general revision of neuro-modulation methods and their clinical applications. Alongside our experts, we will provide necessary knowledge so that you can apply these techniques in your clinical practice.

Evidence-Based Medicine and Neuro-Modulation Techniques: Where are we?

Speaker: Dr Gabriel Villafuerte Jiménez


Advancements in Neuro-Modulation Applications as Psychiatric Disease Treatments

Speaker: Dra. Cristina Rodríguez Hernández


Clinical Experience in Utilizing Transcraneal Magnetical Stimulation in Psychiatric Diseases

Speaker: Doctor Alejandro Gutiérrez


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