The link between medicine and technology has provided numerous solutions to healthcare challenges throughout history, giving professionals the opportunity to offer better diagnostics and more precise treatments to patients worldwide.

Biomedical Engineering (BE) aims to help solve healthcare problems through the application of engineering principles and technology. Defining this profession can be challenging due to the variety of applications technology and engineering can bring into the healthcare sector, and can even be confusing for BE professionals and surrounding professions like nurses, doctors and even patients.

BE Worldwide seeks to provide a platform for a better understanding of this profession, where professionals can use biomedical engineering to offer better solutions in healthcare in a worldwide scenario.

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Clinical engineering/healthcare project management specialist

Luis Fernández

  • Biomedical engineering expert with over 20 years of experience.

    Claudia Cárdenas

    Public Relations
  • Marketing and web applications specialist with focus on information technology.

    Sixto Robles

  • Graphic design and visual experience specialist.

    Mayra Ríos

    Graphic Design